Artist Management and Infotainment

In 2003 I had a wish and a goal to bring aesthetic and artful approaches into Business and Management Development programmes, as these add to a human and more playful interaction in business.  The company was originally called CSA Celebrity Speakers Nordic and was part of Europe’s largest network of independent speaker agencies, CSA Celebrity Speakers Associates.

I had the pleasure and immense joy to work with brilliant thinkers, game changing entrepreneurs, leading academics, outstanding artists and incredibly successful athletes.  A few of my closest allies were Choir Conductor Peter Hanke, Cultural Ambassador Miha Pocagnik and IMD Professor, Psychologist and former Hostage Negotiator George Kohlrieser  and Dancer Ètoile Minna Tervamäki to name a few. What an incredible inspiration and food for thought! Parallel to this activity Amani contributed to numerous events of the active European Arts & Business –network.

Artist management

In 2011 the Artist Management side kicked-off when I took the responsibility of developing the international ventures of “a cappella’s enfants terribles” FORK. Again, what a joyous challenge and a terrifying step into the unknown for me! What started as a project for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival developed into an ongoing cooperation. Today I’m still working to develop FORK’s international endeavors AND I’m working as a Professional Coach.

As a coach I’m working both with corporate and individual clients, out of whom a significant part is artists, entrepreneurs, young professionals or education professionals.  I’m ever so grateful for all the fantastic journeys I’ve had the priviledge of witnessing, sharing and celebrating.

Do You have a “secret itch”, a dream you want to fulfill OR a challenge you wish to overcome? Contact me and I’ll be your supporting, uplifting, funny or challenging Partner on that journey.