The story behind Amani

All started in 2003 when I created my own company structure for Artist Management and Keynote Speaker mediation. AMANI simply emerged from Artist MANagement & Infotainment – then a Tanzanian musician collaborator exclaimed: “you know what AMANI means in Swahili, right? PEACE !!” It was like a revelation. YES, this is what I wish to stand for! This is how I wish to contribute to the world: disperse inner and outer peace and work with genuine openness and curiosity about the other person and his/her wishes, dreams and aspirations. The story continues… only much later I learned that the word AMANI means safety or aspiration/wish in Arabic…. So, what is Your AMANI -aspiration today?

In addition I wish to bring in a childlike exploration and fun into the process!


In addition to being a ICF quality committed Coach, I have a M.Sc. in Economics and a background in Event- and Artist Management. I have more than 15 years of experience of being an Entrepreneur, first as the Founder and CEO of CSA Celebrity Speaker Nordic, a speaker agency, specializing in experts and moderators for Management Development programmes and later as Business Manager for an international music & entertainment band. I’m also a NLP Practitioner and use techniques and processes from that approach.

Having studied in Finland and Singapore and lived between two cultures since 2000, with homes both in the South of France and Finland I’m at ease in international/inter-cultural settings.

I live in Valbonne on Côte d’Azur  with my husband Stig, daughter Cassandra and our dog Jackie -the Jack Russell. We also have homes in Nauvo in the Turku archipelago as well as Helsinki.