Coaching is partnership

I’m a Professional Coach on the path of acquiring ACC -level ICF Certificate. To me quality is of utmost essence, therefore I’m trained by CoachCompanion, an ICF accredited training organization.

My framework in coaching are the 11 core competencies of Professional Coaching stipulated by ICF. I’m a member of ICF International and abide by the ICF Code of Ethics. The codes constitute a worldwide quality guarantee for my working methods and ethics as a Coach.

I offer 3rd generation Transformational Coaching, in always coaching the client, not the topic and unveiling the client’s higher values and life mission.

Coaching is not a performance, it’s definitely not a strict set of memorized questions and it can’t be learned from books, it has to be practiced. Coaching is mindful attention, listening, asking questions and exploring the client’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions and opening up for new possibilities.  It’s dancing the client’s dance!

I continuously work with a Mentor Coach challenging myself and developing my practise, as I believe Coaches should live as they teach.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there…”

– Carroll Lewis –