Coaching for Everyone

Who are my clients? What kind of questions do they battle with? Where do they want to go? This depends whether we work on one-to-one basis or whether it’s a team process. All coaching work starts from mapping out where are you now and where do you want to go.

Naturally, some of my clients are Artists. The coaching process have brought them clarity into “what is MY true path” or helped them develop their vision into concrete action steps.

Some clients are Entrepreneurs, with a burning passion they’ve turned into a business and all the challenges that come with that.  Some are retired Professionals, who in their new life phase ask themselves; what next – what do I wish to do with my time now?

I have also worked with Teachers, who are interested in bringing a coaching approach into their profession. Equally I’ve worked with Youth and Teenagers, seeking to know themselves better or to discover their true vocation.

Some of my work is Team Coaching and helping/challenging groups to reunite themselves with a common goal or shared values.

I work closely with CoachCompanion Finland and its Alumni of ICF -quality committed coaches. With this vast network of colleagues ensures I can take on a larger number of coaches for bigger-scale projects.

I share my coach trainer’s and CoachCompanion –colleague’s vision of “Coaching for Everyone”

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