Honesty, trustworthiness and confidentiality – there is no coaching relationship without trust, honesty and 100% confidentiality.

Humour and true JOY – to discover and process even painful insights through humour and lightness.

Curiosity – in coaching there is no right or wrong, everything is a learning opportunity.

Intuition – tapping into the tacit, intuitive knowledge, feeling the decision rather than overanalysing it.

Nature – is where I find my true self, hence the forest pictures  –this also carries the metaphor of seeing the forest for the trees.

Making a difference in the society –throughout my professional career I have created pro bono projects. Earlier this would have been, for instance, creating performing opportunities for young talented African artists. Today I wish to invest a share of my time to Barefoot Coaching; coaching unemployed, immigrants, school children… I share  my coach trainer’s and CoachCompanion –colleague’s vision of “Coaching for Everyone”